New – Alpha & Z 200 PPM Hinge Lid Packer (HLP)

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Alpha & Z Hinge Lid Packer – 2015 Specification

Brand new machine / Capacity 200 ppm


  1. Set up to produce Standard  Square corner / Round Corner & Hexagon packets
  2. In 10’s / 16’s / 18’s / 20’s / 25’s / & 30’s cigarettes per packet
  3. Standard 7.9mm diameter or slims & super slims format
  4. Cigarette lengths from 70-mm up to 120mm
  5. Special non standard projects also undertaken

Machine Features to include:  

  • Tray inverter (4000 style trays).
  • Fitted with twin cigarette turrets and three sets of independent cigarette vanes. This will help to eliminate cigarette miss-feed – therefore improving machine efficiency.
  • Cigarette turning rollers to be driven by independent motor through timing belt drive.
  • Cigarette pusher mechanism and cigarette lifters driven by independent sealed gearbox unit through timing belt drive.
  • Missing cigarette ends detector –Custom built detector – optical sensors combined with mechanical pins
  • Foil delivery via driven motor into embossing head.
  • Embossing (Steel on Steel – fitted into custom built combined embossing and foil cutting unit) fitted with pneumatic tensioning and release mechanism driven through timing belt drive.
  • Foil cutting unit – As above. Unit complete with single carbide cutting knife and carbide serrating knife with elimination of swinging foil knife
  • Inner frame delivered from front of machine directly onto foil bundle
  • Sealer bed driven by Heinz indexing gearbox through heavy duty timing belt complete with plastic sealer bed pockets and base plates.
  • Blank plunging via eccentric plunger mechanism driven through timing belt drive.
  • Automatic Blank loading system.
  • Blanks to be delivered directly into Sealer bed via rotary suction device.
  • Packet Drying Drum
  • Pneumatic ejection of faulty packets.
  • Fitted with off standard off shelf bearings where possible.
  • Electrical system fitted with Siemens S7/300 PLC unit.
  • Fault diagnostics via touch screen unit.

























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